Jiu Jitsu Bag, BJJ Bag, MMA Gear Bag, MMA Arm Bar Duffel Bag, Size 19"x9.5"x9.5" Sports Bag

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Martial Arts Bag Description :

This jiu jitsu bag or bjj bag or mma gym bag is just perfect for martial artists. It is more precisely an armbar bag or an armlock gym bag because it features a beautiful design of an armbar submission technic.

Grappling and submissions are part of the many skills needed in Mixed Martial Arts! You have here on display a beautiful arm bar submission hold painted on a military green or US Army Green color background.

As a matter of fact, armbars and armlocks are some of the most beautiful jiu jitsu submissions, mma submissions and/or judo submissions that exist. These submission holds are very effective when it comes to cage fighting .

Whether you are practicing MMA , Brazilian Jiu Jitsu , BJJ , Judo or any other kind of art form of grappling , be sure to take this great MMA Arm Bar Duffel bag and bring one of the greatest and most efficient submission technics with you in the practice room! Get an extra edge on your sparring partners by having the coolest MMA gear bag in the gym. Some of the greatest fighters in MMA history in organizations such as the UFC, Bellator, One Championship... have been using this technic to submit their opponent with success.

Arm Bar jiu jitsu bag size = 19 inches x 9.5 inches x 9.5 inches

Large BJJ bag dimensions :

Length = 19 inches
Height = 9.5 inches
Width = 9.5 inches
Main strap length = 27.6 inches
Handle height = 11 inches
Handle width = 1.5 inches
Color of this MMA gym Bag = Military Green / US Army Green

Lightweight, Large and durable, the MMA Arm Bar duffel bag or this BJJ gym bag is a great way to express yourself! It is perfect for the gym, a day-trip, or for any mobile storage need! Easy to carry with you in your hands or around your shoulders, the MMA Arm Bar Duffel bag or this BJJ gear bag is ready to go anywhere.
Highly functional and resistant, this 19" x 9.5" x 9.5" Mixed Martial Arts Gear Bag is ideal for transporting your sports equipment, MMA clothes and gear to the gym, during your travel or in everyday life.

The BJJ duffle bag offers the following key features:

  • 100% Oxford canvas: Premium lightweight, tear resistant Oxford fabric makes wearing super soft and comfortable.
  • Zipper closure: The main pocket of this Judo Bag has durable black double zipper closure for easy and safe storing.
  • There are several compartments: 1 main pocket and a secondary internal zipper pocket with a name tag and an exterior mesh side pocket.
  • Custom name tag sewn inside the MMA equipment bag
  • Carrying handles: Removable and adjustable 1.5” wide shoulder strap with shoulder pad and brushed nickel metal hardware.
  • Black durable straps

In any case, it is a PERFECT gift to give to any Mixed Martial Art lover and practitioner that trains on regular basis and needs a functional MMA sports bag to carry his MMA equipment and gear with him.

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Length, in 19
Height, in 9.5
Width, in 9.5
Main strap length, in 27.6
Handle height, in 11
Handle width , in 1.5


Care instructions:

Before cleaning the bag, remove all the items from the bag. It is suggested to pretreat the visible stains with a stain remover. Mix warm water with laundry detergent and clean the bag with a terry washcloth or with a soft bristle brush. Let the bag air dry.